Choices is an Alternate Reality Game in the form of a podcast where listeners can participate in the investigative story. During each season, the investigator will work through a mystery, trying to find a resolution. Each episode will have a few key points where a decision must be made. This is where you come in.

After an episodes ends, the journal will be updated with either polls or other types of questions which listeners can participate in. The options with the most votes will be where the investigation goes the next episode.

For example If Person B gets more votes than Person A in a poll 'Who should be called in for the next interview?', the investigator will try and speak with Person B next. There's no telling how this simple choice will affect the outcome of the investigation.

Each choice will advance the story in a unique way, and there's no guarantee that the mystery will be solved! If you're ready, go listen, vote, and help find the truth of the story!


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A project by Shawn Pierre